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Theory & Practice of Self-Empowerment
in the Age of Digital Control

Workshop programme on Sunday

Self-empowerment 24/7

Privacy, anonymity and de-networking are inconceivable without techniques and technologies of self-determination. Therefore, it is necessary to expand certain spheres; language, body and mind

can serve as vehicles for individuality and personality, as well as for experiencing community and solidarity in the depths of digital networks.

12:00 to
2:00 pm
Workspace @ Roter Salon
The Obscurity of Language
Workshop with Federico Ferrari (philosopher), Moderator: Sabrina Apitz (, (Registration), French-German
2:30 to
3:30 pm
Workspace @ Roter Salon
Unlimited Self-Quantification?
Workshop with Heike Hennig (choreographer), Moderator: Sabrina Apitz (, (Registration), German
4:00 to
5:30 pm
Workspace @ Roter Salon
Laboratory of Darkness: Melancholia & Code
Workshop with Anwen Roberts (science journalist), Moderator: Sabrina Apitz (, (Registration), German