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Theory & Practice of Self-Empowerment
in the Age of Digital Control

Workshop programme on Saturday

Protecting Private Data, Using Public Data

From Big Data to data journalism to the data-political considerations of current protest movements – the contemporary practice of wakefulness is based on a multifaceted interpretation of data. Consequently, it is important to carefully assess those all too frequent calls for

sweeping data protection. When it comes to protective spaces which society requires, we must come up with a new definition that differentiates between private and public data. And that based on practical examples in the context of science, journalism and activism.

10:30 am to
12:00 pm
Workspace @ Roter Salon
Welcome to the Anonymising Network!
Workshop with Jacob Appelbaum (activitist), Moderator: Sabrina Apitz (, (Registration), English
2:00 to
3:30 pm
Workspace @ Roter Salon
Is There Such a Thing as Private Data Anymore?
Workshop with Julius Tröger (data journalist), Moderator: Magdalena Taube (, (Registration), German
6:15 to
7:45 pm
Workspace @ Roter Salon
Activism and Anonymity
Workshop with Asteris Masouras (blogger), Moderator: Sabrina Apitz (, (Registration), English