as darkness fallsas darkness falls

Theory & Practice of Self-Empowerment
in the Age of Digital Control

Becoming Sleepers

Be it day or night, our consciousness changes when we dream. Reality shifts to the background, and our thoughts and dream bodies enter a different world. A world of possibilities. Waking up does not necessarily mean the abrupt end of a dream, but can hold the promise of another reality which we have salvaged from our dream. But how do we become sleepers?

A journey down-river to the heart of darkness, a data current of multimedia chains of association in combination with abstract thoughts. On the third floor of the Volksbühne, a shimmering world takes shape, in which the boundary between wakefulness and slumber continually fades and reforms.

2:15 to
3:15 pm
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Minerva’s Curse: The Sleeplessness of Reason Produces Monsters
Lecture-concert by andcompany&Co. (performance collective), German
3:30 to
4:00 pm
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Enscape, or Hide and Sleep in Public
Slide show lecture by Mario Sixtus (blogger, photographer) and Nadia Zaboura (communication studies scholar), German
4:15 to
5:15 pm
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Does the Heart of Darkness Lie in Your City?
Lecture by Christoph Hochhäusler (director), Moderator: Cristina Nord (journalist), German
5:30 to
6:00 pm
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House of Hallucinations
Reading by Axel Wandtke (actor) from Lars Popp's Novel „Haus der Halluzinationen“, German